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Breeze Woodturning


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9, Puddle Duck Lane




NR34 7ET


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Tel: 01502 715787

Mobile/text: 07714983275




Whilst every care is taken to ensure each piece is suitable for its intended purpose, we cannot take responsibility for misuse or incorrect care of any item once purchased. Wood being a natural product is influenced by moisture and temperature, and as such, no piece is dishwasher, microwave or oven proof. It is recommended that all pieces are allowed to slowly acclimatise to its new home, for example storing item near the floor for a day in the room where it will be kept before moving to its intended position, this helps prevent any sudden changes in temperature which can put stresses on the wood, and as such placing any piece in direct sunlight, or where fluctuations in temperature or humidity may occour is not recommended. Utilitarian pieces should be wiped clean with a mild solution of detergent and warm water and dried immediately, re-oiling as required with sunflower oil or liquid paraffin. Other items can be cleaned, initially dusting with a soft clean brush, then wiped with a clean soft cloth. Im happy to advise on the care of any individual piece, if you are unsure on how to care for your purchase, please feel free to contact me, albeit initially or in the future.



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Darren D Breeze Woodturning

9, Puddle Duck Lane




NR34 7ET


Tel: 01502 715787

Mobile/text 07714983275

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Please call before visiting to arrange a convienient time.


Some items can be personalised with a message pyrographed to the underside of the piece, please contact me to discuss the options available.

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